November Papers and Talks

This month of November 2022 has been a busy one for DH+, with 3 papers and talks on MARK16 and one at the EOSC annual Symposium. We are proud of all these opportunities to present our project and manifest our support to Open Science in Europe. In the chronological order:

8 November 2022, 17h, online (UK/CH): Elisa Nury, “Short presentation of MARK16 Dataviz part”; Pelagios Visualisation Activity group ( Our use of Peripleo – how we have prepared the data with the Linked Place format, how we adapted Peripleo for our dataset, and we discussed the questions we faced during this process.

14-17 November 2022, EOSC Symposium, Prague (CZ):  Wednesday 16.11 at 4.30pm CET time, Claire Clivaz, “Upskilling Countries to Engage in EOSC. Increasing Knowledge and Engagement by Sharing”;

19-22 Novembre 2022, SBL, Denver (USA): Claire Clivaz: “Mark 16.8/2-104 and its diverse endings”;

29 November 2022, UNIL, Lausanne (CH), 16h: Elisa Nury: “Grammateus and MARK16, followed by a short tutorial on how to use Peripleo”, #ASANumerica ( DigiClass Seminar 2022-2023.






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Claire Clivaz (2022, 3 décembre). November Papers and Talks. New Testament and Digital Humanities. Consulté le 17 juin 2024, à l’adresse

Claire Clivaz

Claire Clivaz is a research associate at the Institute of Religions, Spiritualities, Cultures and Societies (UCLouvain, BE). She is involved in researching the DH and the manuscripts of the New Testament, including the following: the Codex Bezae (VL 1), Judeo-Christians and New Testament manuscripts, women in Ancient Christianity, Open science and Open Research Data.

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