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Mina Monier, post-doc
© Mina Monier

This 8th of December, DH+ said farewell to Dr. Mina Monier, “cheville ouvrière” of the MARK16 manuscript room ( We are enormously grateful for all his work in the SNSF MARK16 team. His publications are belonging to the scientific shift started by the MARK16 project: the diverse Mark’s endings have been discussed in a continuous way through centuries. As well deserved award, Mina has been appointed to a 3-year position as researcher at the Norwegian School of Theology (Oslo), leading his own project on the Arabic Diatessaron, as announced earlier this year. Our best wishes for the next steps of his career, and long life to the digital New Testament studies!


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Claire Clivaz (2022, 8 décembre). Thank you to Mina Monier. New Testament and Digital Humanities. Consulté le 28 février 2024, à l’adresse

Claire Clivaz

Claire Clivaz is a research associate at the Institute of Religions, Spiritualities, Cultures and Societies (UCLouvain, BE). She is involved in researching the DH and the manuscripts of the New Testament, including the following: the Codex Bezae (VL 1), Judeo-Christians and New Testament manuscripts, women in Ancient Christianity, Open science and Open Research Data.

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