8th of March, EOSC Alignement Switzerland event 

Information on https://eosc.eu/events/eosc-alignment-switzerland


The EOSC Association is the legal entity established to govern the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). It was formed on 29th July 2020 with four founding members and has since grown to over 200 Members and Observers. Website: https://www.eosc.eu

Thirteen Swiss experts have been approved as Task Force members, and take part in group lead by the ETH (Regina Notz) on SERI mandate: 

  • TF PID Policy and Implementation – Mario Valle, ETH Zurich, CSCS
  • TF Rules of Participation Compliance Monitoring Task Force – Owen Appleton, SIB
  • TF Fair Metrics and Data Quality – Andrea Bertino, Switch and Oliver Bielmeier (University of Basel)
  • TF Semantic Interoperability – Kurt Baumann, Switch
  • TF Data stewardship, curricula and career paths – Henry Lütcke, ETH
  • TF Research Careers, Recognition and Credit – Isabel Bolliger, SNSF
  • TF Upskilling Countries to Engage in EOSC – Claire Clivaz, SIB
  • TF AAI Architecture – Sadaf Alam, ETH Zurich, CSCS
  • TF Infrastructure for Quality Research Software – Cerlane Leong, ETH Zurich, CSCS
  • TF Technical Interoperability of Data and Services –Alexander Kanitz, ELIXIR Cloud, & Uni Basel, SIB
  • TF Long-Term Data Preservation – Pierre-Yves Bürgi, UNIGE


  • 18 January 2023, Bern: SSH RIs Swiss day initiative; information: https://www.dariah.ch/post/ssh-research-infrastructures-in-switzerland-initiative. Program here.
  • Annual Symposium in Prague, 14-17 November; information and schedule: https://eosc.eu/events/eosc-symposium-2022
  • General Assembly, 28-29 November, online. Information here: https://eosc.eu/events/eosc-general-assembly-5
  • The Swiss EOSC community kick-off meeting happened online on  Thursday 29 September 2022 : more than 50 participants! The Swiss EOSC community has been launched by the Swiss expert group, under the lead of Katharina Eggenberger (ETH, mandated organisation). We have been pleased to welcome talks by Sarah Bones and John Bones (EOSC board) as well as by diverse members of the Swiss scholarly community.
  • Nice memory of the 4th General Assembly, 24-25 May, Brussels, https://www.eosc.eu/events/eosc4-general-assembly

Claire Clivaz represents Digital Humanities @ SIB in this Swiss Expert group. The final SSHO conference, leading to the next step of SSH cluster in EOSC, happened in Brussels 6-7 April 2022: https://www.sshopencloud.eu/events/sshoc-final-conference


Claire Clivaz

Claire Clivaz is Head of Digital Humanities+ at SIB, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Lausanne (CH). She is leading projects in DH and New Testament. This blog presents the activities of the group DH+.

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