On the 11th November 2020, Switzerland has been elected as a DARIAH observer member by the DARIAH GA, under the lead of DaSCH (Prof. Dr. Lukas Rosenthaler, UNIBAS). DH+ is proud to participate to the working group “Research and Data management” and to be a DARIAH partner in the H2020 project OPERAS-P, WP 6.5.

Latest news:

26.01.21: Official announcement of the Swiss DARIAH membership,  here.

DH+, SIB, and DARIAH :

SIB welcomes DH research projects since 2015, and through an internal group, Digital Humanities +, since October 2018. The partnership with DARIAH has been present since the first DH projects at SIB, with notably the Erasmus+ partnership #dariahTeach (2015-2017), the DARIAH Ambassador grant (2016), the Open Education workshop grant (2017), the H2020 DESIR project (2017-2019), and presently the H2020 project OPERAS-P, in which SIB is a DARIAH LTP partner.

Selection of past news and events:

  • 10-13 November 2020: DARIAH annual conference; information here.
  • 28th October: Paper at the DARIAH Virtual Annual Event 2020 “Does Communication belong to Scholarly Primitives? Innovations in scholarly communication through the lenses of Digital Humanities”, by Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra, Claire Clivaz, Maciej Maryl, Elisa Nury, Jadranka Stojanovski.
  • 7th October: Research Data Management WG meeting at the DARIAH Virtual Annual Event 2020.
  • 10-11 September 2020, Conference “VREs and Ancient Manuscripts”, Lausanne. Lecture OPERAS-P by Erzsébet Toth-Czifra, DARIAH-EU : “VREs as evaluation and peer-review challenge in Humanities”, at the conference “VREs and Ancient Manuscripts”, Lausanne, MARK16 SNSF project.
  • 23 June 2020 , Publication of the proceedings of the DARIAH-CH workshop #2 on DARIAH-Campus. The proceedings and materials captured at theSharing the Experience: Workflows for the Digital Humanities workshop held at the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland in December 2019 were launched as a training resource on DARIAH-Campus.
  • 5-6 December 2019, Neuchâtel, DARIAH-CH workshop #2: Building on the dynamic initiated during the 2018 DARIAH workshop, a new event will be held in December 2019 at the University of Neuchâtel. Young scholars are invited for this new workshop to present their research in depth and to discuss together methodological, data management and research workflow issues. Scientific committee: Simon Gabay (UNINE) | Berenike Herrmann (UNIBAS) | Tobias Hodel (UZH) | Sara Schulthess (SIB) | Elena Spadini (UNIL) | Toma Tasovac (DARIAH). Organisation: Sara Schulthess (SIB) | Simon Gabay (UNINE)
  • 1st July 2019: 2020, OPERAS-P starting: in the H2020 project OPERAS-P, the SIB is a DARIAH LTP partner.
  • 29-30 Novembre 2018: Neuchâtel, DARIAH-CH workshop. The workshop DARIAH-CH has been an important event in the process of adhesion of Switzerland to the European consortium in Digital Humanities DARIAH, organized in the framework of the H2020 project DESIR. During this workshop, different sessions have offered a platform for Swiss and European protagonists to discuss the main topics related to the development of Digital Humanities. Org. by Matthieu Honegger and Simon Gabay (University of Neuchâtel) ; scientific committee : Claire Clivaz, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Lausanne (SIB) ; Laure Ognois, University of Geneva (UNIGE) ; Gerold Schneider, University of Zurich (UZH); Laurent Romary, Dariah-EU; Gerhard Lauer, University of Basel (UNIBAS).
  • 8th November 2018:  SIB has become a DARIAH cooperating partner.

Claire Clivaz

Claire Clivaz is Head of Digital Humanities+ at SIB, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Lausanne (CH). She is leading projects in DH and New Testament. This blog presents the activities of the group DH+.

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