MARK16 collaboration with the Manuscripts DRS Laboratory in Athens


MARK16 is proud to announce its collaboration with the Manuscripts’ Digital Research and Study Laboratory of the Department of Social Theology and the Study of Religion (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)co-lead by Prof. Athanasios Antonopoulos.

Claire Clivaz has been nominated member of its International Advisory Board. Mina Monier is welcome for a study and training week in the lab, between the 3 and the 10 October. We congratulate our colleague for the development of this Laboratory and are looking forward to our common work.


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Claire Clivaz (2022, 2 octobre). MARK16 collaboration with the Manuscripts DRS Laboratory in Athens. New Testament and Digital Humanities. Consulté le 17 juin 2024, à l’adresse

Claire Clivaz

Claire Clivaz is a research associate at the Institute of Religions, Spiritualities, Cultures and Societies (UCLouvain, BE). She is involved in researching the DH and the manuscripts of the New Testament, including the following: the Codex Bezae (VL 1), Judeo-Christians and New Testament manuscripts, women in Ancient Christianity, Open science and Open Research Data.

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